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Jobs & investment

Did you know natural gas is a leading player in Australia’s economic story?

The natural gas industry was responsible for an estimated 100,000 Australian jobs last year. This extraordinary effort is underpinned by around $200 billion worth of projects being built across the country right now.

Businesses around Australia depend on this critical industry, which is spending about $1000 every second on new projects. In addition, we’re about to earn an extra $40 billion per year as one of the world’s largest exporters.

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Natural gas is our natural advantage – we can’t afford to lose it. Take Action
Economic Benefits

Did you know that over the next 20 years, Australia’s natural gas industry has the potential for a further $180 billion in investment and the creation of 150,000 new jobs?

This is on top of the $200 billion investment on new projects currently under construction, which was responsible for an estimated 100,000 jobs last year.

Australia’s natural gas projects will deliver almost $13 billion a year in royalties and taxes by 2020 – that’s an enormous contribution when you consider the $8.8 billion paid by the oil and gas industry in taxes last year was enough to fund more than 7000 new hospital beds, or pay the wages of almost 100,000 nurses.

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Natural gas is our natural advantage – we can’t afford to lose it. Take Action
Risks & Roadblocks

Did you know Australia’s natural gas industry is in danger of losing its competitive edge? Our reputation as a low-cost energy supplier is under enormous pressure.

Despite the massive investment in Australia’s natural gas industry, $150 billion worth of energy and resource projects stalled in Australia last year.

Now is not the time to impose more costs and uncertainty on natural gas producers. Australia already has more than 150 statutes governing offshore and onshore upstream petroleum activities, regulated by more than 50 government agencies at a national, state and territory level. Inefficient, duplicative and bureaucratic red tape is putting the industry’s expansion at risk.

We have a chance to safely develop the country’s extensive gas reserves to secure our energy future with an abundant, affordable, reliable and cleaner-burning fuel.

However, our future economic success is threatened by people who do not care enough about losing Australian jobs and investment.

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Natural gas is our natural advantage – we can’t afford to lose it. Take Action
Cleaner Energy

Australia has an estimated 819 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of gas resources (enough to power a city of one million people for 16,000 years). More gas discoveries are likely.

Natural gas can help reduce greenhouse emissions, both here in Australia and across Asia, because it is so much cleaner than traditional sources of energy.

Renewable energy sources, such as solar power and wind power cannot provide continuous power generation.

Gas can generate affordable 24/7 power, and can do so while producing greenhouse gas emissions up to 70% lower than those of traditional sources.

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Natural gas is our natural advantage – we can’t afford to lose it. Take Action

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