Campaign Messages

Don’t let Australia lose 150,000 jobs.

During 2012, at a time of great economic uncertainty, the natural gas industry was responsible for an estimated 100,000 Australian jobs last year. It can generate 150,000 more, but its capacity to do so is put at risk by people who do not care enough about losing Australian jobs and investment.

Don’t let Australia lose $180 billion in investments.

$150 billion worth of energy resource projects have recently been stopped or stalled in Australia last year.

Further investment in new projects that would contribute $320 billion to Australia’s economy is now under threat from the growing burden of bureaucracy and red tape.

Don’t let Australia lose an opportunity to produce cleaner energy.

Using more natural gas – both in Australia and overseas – is our most meaningful response to rising greenhouse gas emissions. Yet some activists oppose the industry’s development.

The Energy Information Administration says that in the USA, the big switch from coal to gas in power generation in 2012 helped reduce emissions by 200 million tonnes, bringing them back to their lowest levels since 1994. (EIA – Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions declined in 2012 )

Don’t let Australian rural and regional economies stagnate.

The revitalisation of rural and regional communities is at risk from a campaign opposed to the production, export and use of natural gas.

In Queensland alone the natural gas industry has in recent years contributed more than $100 million towards community projects, charitable organisations and aeromedical evacuation services that are saving lives.

Once-struggling regional communities now enjoy unemployment rates well below the national average, farmers are earning secure income that doesn’t depend on rainfall, and small business confidence is high.

Don’t let Australia lose billions in tax revenue.

The Australian natural gas industry paid $8.8 Billion in tax in 2012 (that’s around $280 per second). Yet the gas industry could pay almost $13 billion every year in taxes by 2020.

And an even greater return from our immense gas reserves – and an estimated $180 billion in additional projects – is now at risk from a professional campaign aimed at damaging Australia’s reputation as a place to do business.

Funding for our future schools, hospitals, roads and public transport is under threat, as are efforts to secure our energy future with an abundant, affordable, reliable and cleaner burning fuel.

Help defend & secure a brighter future for Australia.

Thousands of jobs and Australia’s next wave of economic success is now under threat. Show your support for natural gas, the cleaner energy source powering our homes, businesses, and Australia’s future strength.