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Onshore natural gas can
deliver new opportunities
for all Territorians.

Benefits for farmers

Northern Territory grazier Greg Saunders supports the local onshore gas industry and believes it creates opportunities for landholders.

“Gas most definitely can co-exist with cattle,” Mr Saunders says.

Benefits for Aboriginal communities

The gas industry can provide much-needed work and economic development for Aboriginal communities.

Report reveals huge potential

Independent research by Deloitte Access Economics shows onshore natural gas could deliver a $22 billion boost to the NT economy over the next two decades and
create up to 6,300 new long-term jobs.

That’s on top of up to $460 million a year in additional NT Government revenue for schools, hospitals, roads and other new infrastructure.

Natural gas promises broad benefits to NT communities

Onshore gas projects in the Northern Territory would lead to improved transport, communications and other services in remote and regional areas.

Jobs, investment and regional development

New onshore gas projects can help grow our regional centres and create new opportunities for local businesses and indigenous communities.

Hydraulic fracturing (fracking)

The Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the Northern Territory found that there is no justification for a fracking moratorium in the NT.

Fracking has been used safely for more than 65 years.

It increases the flow of oil and gas to wells. This increases production per well and means fewer wells are needed to develop resources.

Fracking is tightly regulated and has been used in more than 2 million wells worldwide. It is now used in about 90% of new US gas wells.

Other industries also use fracking. Artificial geothermal energy production relies on it and water bores are sometimes fracked to increase water production.

Since 1969, about 700 wells have been fracked in the Cooper Basin (northeast South Australia and southwest Queensland) without problems.

Safe, reliable, flexible and cleaner energy

Natural gas can provide the energy security, environmental benefits and economic growth the NT needs to ensure it remains the best place to live for decades to come.

Gas can fuel prosperity in the NT

Use natural gas to build a stronger economy with more opportunities for all Territorians.

Sustain the Northern Territory’s unique way of life for decades to come.