Queensland is leading the way in developing Australia’s onshore gas resources.

This is delivering jobs, tax revenue and regional development.

Queensland has built a world-leading natural gas industry

In the first eight months of 2015, Queensland shipped almost
$1.4 billion worth of LNG.

This is creating valuable export income and government revenue.

Exports will grow further as all LNG plants become fully operational.

This is creating jobs, infrastructure, investment, royalties and tax revenue for the state.

Natural gas is a key driver of Queensland’s economy

From farming to manufacturing - industries across the state are benefitting from the economic growth that the natural gas industry is generating.

Royalties and taxes

Despite current low oil prices, gas development is still expected to support Queensland’s economic growth and drive increases in state government revenue.

The industry will also pay millions in Commonwealth taxes, including income tax and GST.

"State and Commonwealth government revenue are both expected to see a boost from increased CSG production and have positive flow on effects throughout the regional and state economy."
Office of the Chief Economist, Department of Industry, Australian Government.

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Economic data shows strong growth in employment in the CSG regions.

As well as directly creating jobs for employees and contractors, the industry also has a multiplier effect across the regional and state economies.

Unemployment in the Surat Basin CSG region decreased from 5.9% to 3.1% between the 2001 and 2011 censuses.

Employment for LNG project construction is now tapering, but Energy Skills Queensland forecasts that the upstream CSG workforce will not peak until 2024.
Upstream activities include drilling, well servicing, well shutdown, and gas field and facility development, operations and maintenance.

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Benefits for farmers

Thousands of farmers in Queensland onshore gas regions now
enjoy additional income streams
 rain, hail or shine.

Many also have more secure water supplies
thanks to treated water from gas developments.

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Let's build on this success

Tell your federal MP you want them to support the development of more gas in Queensland to help address rising prices and drive further economic growth.

Queensland has vast gas resources and more opportunities lie ahead.


The Federal Government must clean up obstructive and unnecessary regulation holding back the further development of Queensland’s gas industry.

Duplicative red tape inflates administrative costs and causes project delays – without delivering any additional environmental benefits.


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