South Australia has great potential for major new oil and gas discoveries.
New oil and gas developments could deliver much-needed jobs,
infrastructure and government revenue.

South Australia has been producing oil and gas since the 1960s.

Oil and gas is a mainstay of the state's economy.
South Australia has a proud record of safe,
well-regulated oil and gas operations.

South Australia has extensive pipelines and processing plants.
But the state's known oil and gas fields are gradually depleting.
New discoveries and developments are needed to underpin South Australia's economy and energy security.

A safe, sustainable offshore oil and gas industry

Offshore oil and gas could deliver enormous economic benefits for South Australia, as it already has for
Victoria and Western Australia.

Australia's offshore oil and gas industry has a good safety record
and is well regulated.

South Australia could develop a safe, sustainable
offshore oil and gas industry that would deliver
energy security, long-term jobs and substantial
tax revenue for generations to come.

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Jobs, investment and regional development

New oil and gas projects can help grow the state - Adelaide and our regional centres - and create new opportunities for local businesses.

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Expert reports and websites

For more information on seismic surveys visit

For more information on shale gas visit Shale gas in Australia

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Let's seize this opportunity

South Australia’s oil and gas resources offer huge economic potential.

Tell the Premier you want him to help secure our future by supporting the development of oil and gas