Victoria’s natural gas has powered its industry for almost 50 years. And it can fuel the state for generations to come. In these tough times, that’s good news we can’t afford to take for granted.

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Why does Victoria need to develop onshore natural gas?

A Victorian Government instigated taskforce found last year that the days of cheap and reliable natural gas supply are fading fast.

Taskforce Chair, Peter Reith, said:

“Victorians should be under no illusions. Rising gas prices will have a negative impact on Victoria’s manufacturing base. Jobs and investment are at risk. Costs of living will rise and could rise for longer if not addressed. The only sensible course of action is for the Victorian Government and other eastern Australian states to promote production of additional gas supply.”

Why do we need to keep an open mind on natural gas?

Victorian households are the biggest consumers of natural gas in Australia (approx. 1.8 million users) along with small businesses, manufacturing and other industries.

As the Victorian Government’s recent Energy Statement noted: “Higher prices are impacting the competitiveness of industrial and commercial gas consumers and placing cost-of-living pressures on Victorian households.”

Yet the state has banned onshore natural gas operations.

To put downward pressure on rising price, Victoria needs more natural gas development – not more regulation.

Further information

For more information on how natural gas is produced please visit

For the Victorian Gas Market Taskforce report please visit here

The Victorian Government’s 2014 Energy Statement can be found here

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